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Change the database connection password for all reports?

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When we set up reports in CMC, under "Process -> Database", we set all our reports to use a custom user account to connect to the underlying database.

Well now they're upgrading our DB and the password for this account is going to change.

Is there some way to change the password for all the reports? I'm not relishing going into all 885 reports and changing the password for each.

We do not use Universes (I'm not even exactly sure what those are).

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Launch the Administration Launchpad. Under Administrative Tools, select the Schedule Manager.

Login as Administrator. Select a folder that contains one of these reports. It doesn't matter which one. Under one of the reports, select the link for "Change Logon Info". This displays the Change Logon Info page for this report.

Make the custom database logon changes desired, but don't commit it yet. Below the blue box is a "Show" pulldown menu labeled "You may set this logon information for other reports that use the same database server". In the pulldown, select all reports, then "Show". This should list all reports that use that particular database server. If they all will use the same credentials, you can simply check the "Select All" button. If they do not, you will have to select the checkboxes individually. Once these are checked, return to the blue box and select the "Commit logon info" button.


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