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Change status values for Accelerator in Roadmap

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Dear Experts,

during the creation of our custom Roadmap (RMAUTH), we started uploading hundreds of custom Accelerator documents.

These usually know five status values:

- Copy Editing

- Editing

- Migrated

- Released

- Review


Only the ones in status "Released" are visible in RMMAIN though.

However, we want to use a custom status scheme, e.g. New, Review Cycle 2, Review Cycle 3, ..., Finalized (where "Finalized" has the same effect like "Released")

Unfortunately I could not find out where to change the status scheme for Accelerator documents.

In SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN there is a standard documentation type called "Roadmap Accelerator", but changing this type does not affect at all the "real" accelerator documents in the roadmap.

Does anybody have an idea where to adjust / exchange the status scheme for Accelerator Documents in the Roadmap?



Edited by: Christoph Schuhwerk on Nov 13, 2008 5:54 PM

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Answers (1)

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I took some time for this, but was able to figure this out ,, was a bit complex /tricky ,,here it goes

Get to TC : RMAUTH

1. Go to the node that you want to change the status

2. On the right hand side you would see 2 buttons on the top u201C DOCUMENTu201D & DOCUMENT ATTRIBUTESu201D

3. Choose the u201CDocumentu201D drop down and choose u201Cchangeu201D

4. This will open the relevant nodeu2019s document (it usually few secu2019s) in SAP GUI.

5. One the top of the SAP GUI screen you will see a menu item u201CInfo Objectu201D -> Change Attribute

6. You will see a pop up with options, you will choose u201CInfo Object Statusu201D

7. Choose the desired status , and click SAVEu201D in SAP GUI menu, and clikc back button

You will see that the Status of the accelerator/node changed. Hope this helped.