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Change Run Id , Record Type details

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Can someone explain what change run id and record type mean in the datapackage dimension.


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Hi Shiv,

There are two steps in the change run:

Activate the new master data and hierarchy data

1.Master data is only available after the change run has

completed successfully

All aggregates containing navigational attributes and/or hierarchies

are realigned and recalculated with the new master data

2.Affects all aggregates that contain the changed attribute

and/or hierarchy

3.Percentage parameter in the IMG determines if the aggregate is fixed

or dropped and rebuilt completely

4. Change run can be started for specific InfoObjects

5. Key figures that are set for exception aggregation MIN and MAX cause

the aggregates to be completely rebuilt for each change run

6. ABAP Program RSDDS_CHANGERUN_MONITOR can be used to

monitor change run in progress

Aggregate Rollup


Applies newly loaded transactional data to the aggregate

1. The packet is not available for reporting until the aggregate rollup

is complete

2. Prevents user from running reports and getting some data that is in an

aggregate and other data that is not in an aggregate

3. During aggregate rollup the previously rolled up data is available

for reporting

4. Can be set to automatic or run as a separate job

5. Should be set to a separate job if multiple data packets are to be loaded

6. Aggregates are then compressed

7. Automatically occurs in version 21C and 20B

8. After release 30A you can choose not to compress

9.Backing out of data packets

10. Version 2.1C and 2.0B requires dropping of the aggregates

11. Version 3.0B+ you can back out individual packets without dropping

aggregates (uncompressed aggregates)

12. Rollup is not possible if change run is running


sangram sutar

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Hi Sangram,

I understand what a chage run is.My question was what values will the Change Run Id and Record Type store in the package dimension of the infocube.