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Change Request Type Creation in Solution Manager

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Hi All,

I am trying to create a CR type for a particular end market (My Project Specific). I have an implementation guide for the same (Steps).

My query over here is that what will be expected out put of each step and what would be the dependancies of each step. Like if we perform one step what is the dependency of that step

on the next step.

This is because before I start the procedure I would like to know the expected output of each

step performed. So that I can procced accordingly without much errors and confusion. I would

like to know where I might be facing any authorization issues.

I am providing the steps which are provided to me to create a CR type. So kindly help me out

for the same.

SAP Solution Manager Implementation Guide -> SAP Solution Manager-> Configuration ---> Scenario-Specific Settings ---> Change Management ---> Change Request Management ---> Extended Configuration -> Change Transaction->Transaction Types

1. Define a new Transaction Type


> Define Transaction Types

u2022 Create new transaction type by copying from existing (relevant)

a) Define new Text ID

 Text Administration  Define Text Determination Procedure

u2022 Select text object CRM_ORDERH

u2022 Create new text procedure by copying from existing (relevant)

u2022 Make sure the definition procedure are relevant and correct

b) Define new Partner Functions (if not existing)

 Partner Schema  Define Partner Functions

Define new Partner Determination Procedure

 Partner Schema  Define Partner Determination Procedure

u2022 Create new Partner Determination Procedure by copying from existing

u2022 Make sure the Partner Functions in Procedure are relevant for the CR type

u2022 And check User Interface Setting is standard (amend if required u2013 but not recommended to deviate from standard)

c) Define new Status Profile

 Status Administration  Change Status Profile for User Status

u2022 Create new Status Profile by copying from existing (relevant)

u2022 Make sure User Status is standard and relevant

d) Define new Date Profile

 Date/Time Administration  Define Date Profile

u2022 Create Date Profile by copying from existing

e) Define new Action Profile

 Action Profile  Define Action Profiles and Actions

u2022 Create new Action Profile by copying from existing (relevant)

u2022 Make sure name of Action Definition are changed accordingly (if necessary)

u2022 Cross check on Action Definition details and Processing Types

f) Define a subject

 Catalogue, Codes and Profile  Define Catalogs

u2022 Create new Catalog by copying from existing

 Catalogue, Codes and Profile  Define Code Group Profiles

u2022 Define Code Groups and Codes

u2022 Create new Definition of Code Group Profile and Code Groups for Profile

 Catalogue, Codes and Profile  Define Subject Profiles

u2022 Create new Subject Profile

u2022 Create Code Group Profile for Subject Profile

g) Assign the above into the new Transaction Type.

Thanks in Advance,

Best Regards,


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Answers (2)

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Product and Topic Expert
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Only last step has the dependancies with the previous ones, as you need assign the created status profiles, action profiles and so on to the transaction profile. All the other steps are independant.

There's a little reminder, from my project experience, when you copy the action profile to a new one, you need to check the parameter assigned to the method in processing type one by one if it's filled as the original ones. And furthermore, you need maintain the conditions of the actions manually. It's not copied.

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Hi Friends,

Can any one help me out on this issue.