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Change request to a Z table

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I would like to build a generic extractor based on a Z table. The problem I am currently facing is that the reference tables for the quantity fields are in tables which the relationships give 0 records.

Is there anything wrong if I request that these reference fields are also part of the Z table i.e. and than the quantity fields reference the Z table field. My concern is that on this request will the people maintaining the z table face the same problem as me when trying to determine a relationship. If it is not a good suggestion are there any alternatives? Thanks

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Thanks for that. Sorry for this but could you just show me say for one of the quantity fields on a line (with a header) how you are describing – its Friday and its hot in India 

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in SE11 with your ZTABLE

TAB fields:


LFIMG .....

VRKME ..... T006

QUANT_C .....

MEINS ..... T006

TAB Currency/quant.fields

<b>FIELDS ..... Ref table ..... ref field</b>


VRKME .....


MEINS .....

hope that clears your doubts


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Olivier Cora

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Sorry guys one last thought if they are not able to modify the table does that mean I will have to build a generic extractor using the function module approach i.e. is this therefore doable in fm

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well this will depends on what you have in your ZTABLE....

if you want to get your VRKME from LIPS, you'll have to have the key fields of LIPS in your ZTABLE (MANDT, VBELN, POSNR)

if you want to get MEINS from MARA then you'll need MANDT and MATNR in ZTABLE.

The point is if you can do that, then somebody could readjust your table as well!!

hope this helps