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Change Recipient in the Purchasing Flexible Workflow


Hi Expert,

I have a question on Flexible workflow

I have a requirement to display all the assigned users of all workflow steps when you open/display the document.

I found that

  • if I assign the recipient in the flexible workflow step into "User" and I manually input the user name, it will show the user name in the recipient on the header workflow. (red color)
  • If I assign the recipient in the flexible workflow step into Role and I chose BAdI determination, it will show the text "BAdI agent determination" in the recipient on the header workflow (blue color)

See the figures below,

and I also notice that the recipients in this WF template will also be displayed in the header of the document when we open/display it.

see the figure below,

back to the requirement:
  • To show all the assigned users when we open the document.

Yes, I can achieve it when i select the "user" option when I create a workflow. but I still need to use BAdI to determine the agent for steps 4 and 5.

is there any way that I can do to change the text "BAdI Agent Determination" into the user (when I choose Role and BAdI agent determination) likes when I use the "user" option in the workflow?


Fanuel Abednego

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Dear Fanuel,

Unfortunately, it seems to be taking longer than usual for your question to be answered. You might want to try an alternative route to speed things up.

Please check if a similar question has already been asked in the Community. We have found that sometimes questions that have been answered before are no longer receiving responses.

The easiest way to do this, is to visit the All Questions page and search for your specific topic.

You could also check the SAP Support Portal and search for SAP Notes, SAP Knowledge Base Articles and more.

If all of this doesn’t work, I would suggest that you create a support ticket. All you need to do is log onto the SAP Support Portal with your S-user ID and password:



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Hi, I think you should append multiple users to changing parameter of the BADI APPROVERLIST (it is a table parameter). Then select "all of the recipients" if to go to next level you wait all the recipients to approve or "one of the recipients" if just one is sufficient, according to your business need.