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change portal layout

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I've a question:

Is possible into EP 6.0 create a new layout where each document icons are different. I need buil a new layout where i can assign differen icon for differe document folder.

for example for the public document folder in would assign a particular immage. what i can do ?

is possible change subfolder folder image too?

thank you


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Stefano,

here is how you can do it:

Go to "Details" of the CM Folder where you want to apply this look (for example /documents), and there to "Settings" -> "Presentation". There go on "Select Profile..." and select as "Layout Set" (last checkbox) the "Entrypoints Explorer".

Now on each subfolder go to "Details" -> "Settings" -> "Properties" -> "Rendering". In "Image Source" you have to specify the location of your image which will show along with the folder name. If you upload the image to the KM folder "/etc/public/mimes/images/" than you can type only the documents name (i.e.: calendar_clock.gif). If not, specify the document with its KM path (i.e.: /documents/images/xyz.gif)

Now you can also type some description for each folder, and you should have the look you were looking for.

Hope this helps,


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