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change password prompt for BSP app via EP

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We have a bsp app integrated into ep5. This connects to R/3 via SSO. However, when the users password has expired, we want to present a change password dialog box. I know that this goes against the idea off sso/logon tickets, but the users access R/3 via sapgui as well and the different behaviour is confusing for them..

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Hi Mark,

you could try out to use the system/login.htm as decribed in the attachment of oss note 517860.

If the R/3 accepts SSO it should check the user data and recognizes the expired password. The system/changepw.htm page will appear and the user can enter the new login data.

If the user data are ok the redirect to your bsp should take place right away without any requst for a login.

This szenario works without EP - it should work with EP, too.

Regards, Bernd