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Change of Jco destinations

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Hi every body,

I have called a Rfc from the back end by using the jco destinations,now i want to change the same jco destinations without reimporting the model objects again from the back end.Please let me know the answer.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Plz check this link


hopes it will help u.............


Dibyakanta Deo

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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here is one way of changing the JCos.

For metadata:

1. Go to dictionary

2. Click on your model entry in dictionary

3. In properties view for this, you can change the name.

For modeldata:

1. go to the model

2. Open the _Input structure of the same

3. In the properties tab, you can change the JCo entry in modelInstance_DefaultLogicalSystem

otherwise goto Content Administrator--> Web Dynpro and click the button-> Maintain JCo Destinations and change the settings of your JCo.

before changing the destinations once check any other applications are pointing to it. if any applications are dependent then create new destinations.

Thanks and Regards

Maheshchandra VVNS

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If you want to change only the JCO Destinations that your model refers to, then its very much possible to change their names.

But if the model stucture has got changed , then you should reimport that.

I guess, trying out the following steps for changing the names will work out for you.

1) For Medata Dest--

a) Click on the local dictionary stucture that has been generated by importing the model.

b) Click on the properties tab on the bottom right corner.There you shoulb be able to change the Metadata dest name.

2) For Application data Dest-

a) Right Click on model classes (model_Input & model_output) & then click EDIT.

b) Same Way, on the bottom right corner , Change whichever proerty you want to alter inlcuding the Dest Name.

In this way, you can mainten unique JCO references for all the models you are using in your project.

ReBudild & Redploy the entire project . Create the New JCOs Destinations in the content Admin & happily run your application.


Vijay Kalluri

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