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change MIAUTH name in MEl.jar

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hello all,

i have a problem:

i need to change the name of syncbo MIAUTH (e.g. from MIAUTH to ZMIAUTH) in my MEl.jar webapp in my client MI 2.5 sp13.

anyone can explain me what are others authoritative syncobjects in smart sync framework?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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hello eliana,

actually you are not allowed to change it.

but if you made a copy of your MIAUTH syncBo definition to

customer namespace like ZMIAUTH, you can modify its name

in the meRepMeta.xml that is shipped together with your MI

client. this modification however had to be done BEFORE the

first synchronization of your client.

try these steps:

-install a fresh MI client

-locate the meRepMeta.xml in the <MI_DIR>\settings\meta folder

-open the file using any text editor and change the SyncBo

ID of the MIAUTH syncBo

-overwrite the xml file.

-try to synch twice and check whether a download request

is sent to the middleware (use worklist monitor)

on your application, you need to use the new syncbo name

as you had modified...



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