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Change log deletes

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first sorry i posted the same query in the wrong Extractor section.. now i'm putting it in the right one.


I'd like to know few things about Change log deletes. I'm looking to get some Change log deletes periodically in process chain i've done the PSA deletes which i understand, would like to know few things there are two scenarios

1. ODS (A) updates further Data targets (ODS) in delta mode, we can cleanup change log if the requests are updated in Data targets, if we do clean up the change log data and for some reason i've to delete the requests from target Data target and have to reinit from the ODS A, can i do full load from ODS A and do a init without Data Transfer will this work even if the requests are deleted from Change log?. When we do full load from ODS A does the data come from Active table or Change log? i hope it is Active.

2. ODS A updates Data Targets but in Full mode: In this case can i just clean up the Change log, whenever we do a full load from ODS A will it affect if the Change log requests are cleaned up completely.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Full Load is always from Active & Delta is from the change log.

If you were to load data from ODS to another target with selection conditions,do a Repair Full instead of a Full Load.This would not disturb the subsequent delta.

Yes,you can clean up change log of the target...Whenever you do a full load data is also loaded into the change log hence should not be a problem unless you want to keep track of the changes in the change log of the target.

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