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I dont understand the following data flow, and hope somebody can explain it to me:

I have loaded some data into DSO and after activating I can see the new data in the change log as well as in

the active data table. Now I have an infopackage that triggers data from this DSO (3.x) to an Info Cube.

By administrating the cube and clicking on the Monitor and then PSA, I can see the datapackage in the PSA, because I choosed psa and then into data targets. Fine so far.

But when I go back and check the DSO from where the data came from, I have the request in the change log of the DSO.

Why?? How come that this data flow effect the DSO, I mean the DSO has not changed, therefore why do I have these entries in

the change log of this DSO?

I am confused...

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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This is the property of Delta management in SAP BW. ODS/DSO is used to properly load the delta request from change log table and this has been organized by 0recordmode field in DSO change log table.

We have different parameters for 0recordmode.

1) N -- New record

2) ' ' -- After Image

3) X --> Before image

4) A -- Additive image

5) R -- Reveser image

This is assigned to each record when we activate the DSO data. As you have loaded data first time to DSO, you got N(new records sysbol) for all records,

When we load delta load from DSO to Cube, this delta will load from DSO change log table to Info Cube. Your data flow is working properly.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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THis is because the DSO Change log is the PSA for your cube. Hence this request in Change Log.