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Change language of digital signature in ADS server

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Hello everyone!

We have configured ADS server, installed and configured server signatures for ADS.

I can successfully test FP_PDF_TEST_07 and apply server sign on pdf document.

But I get two problems when apply server sign:

  1. I cant change localization of signing;
  2. Is it possible to change appearance of digital signature in pdf document? I would like to remove some non-user friendly stuff from sign.

I asked basis team about language settings, they said that they changed language to RU for ADS users in WebDynpro for Java/ABAP, also they changed language in destination service in "Connection information" tab. Services was restarted but it didnt help.

I also changed language to RU in SFP transaction for my form, changed locale to RU in signature field, but no luck.

Can anyone please help me to solve this problems?

Example of server sign:

With regards,

Mike Sabashnyi

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