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Change Column name on my Report

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Hello everyone , 

i make my Report from SE38 Transaction.

On my code i select some Field from Tables.

 SELECT mara~matnr,maktx,marc~werks,marc~lgpro, mard~labst ,meins , /CWM/LABST,EINME, /cwm/valum,BWESB,TRAME, TVM1T~BEZEI, TVM4T~BEZEI AS TEMP
    FROM mara
    INNER JOIN etc......

I want to rename TVM1T~BEZEI, TVM4T~BEZEI  when i execute the report with my Names.

Who can i do ?

Now when i Execute i take the same Field Names "Description"



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I don't think you posted the relevant part of the code.

  • Post the INTO clause
  • And, if not dynamic, the internal table definition 
  • Also how do you display this list 'description...'  
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I executed a copy of your program, and no problem, fields are correct with correct header texts.

  • Just some warnings on missing unit of measure, perform the ALV consistency check
  • If you executed some tests with less fields defined, reset ALV buffer with report BALVBUFDEL