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Change a Connection Type in SAP Analytics Cloud from Path to Direct without any impact to Story

Hello All,

This issue is regarding Connection type changes in SAP Analytics Cloud.

A few existing Path Connections in SAP Analytics Cloud have already been used to create models and Stories. Now, I need to change those connection types from Path to Direct without impacting the existing models and Stories. Is that possible? and if possible then how to achieve that.



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Product and Topic Expert
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honestly, i never personally tried it, but so long as the CORS is configured and working correctly for your new connection approach , then it should switch fine.

with LIVE models in SAC, there's nothing physically held in the model, except a kind of 'metadata container' which can be kind of 'regenerated' when you go into it and save click again.

there is a specific workflow you need to do, to switch connections from "source A", from the toolbar here:

which then prompts you to confirm the new connection definition to "source B" :

so long as your new target has the same query definition, it should work fine without impacting your downstream stories at all.