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change a concurrent user to a named in BO 4.3

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Hi Experts,

We are on SAP BO 4.3 version, currently we applied CBSL (concurrent user) license in the system.

We have got few named license also, now the audit teams find compliance issue with licenceses.

Therefore management decided to changed few users from Concurrent to named users.

Indeed i found sap note 1680990 which describe the solution.

But my problem is I am not JAva expert, hence dont know how to apply this sap note and change the user license. 

Is there any other way out to solve this issue apart from sap note 1680990

Can some one explain me the procedure for changing the license.


Can we apply both concurrent based license and named license in the same system. If it possible

please shed some light, on this.

Quick response is much appreciated.


Thanks & Regards,

Syed Maqsood





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If you already have purchased named user licenses for BOBJ, you can just go to the Licenses area of the CMC and enter the new license key.  You would then be able to go to Users and Groups in the CMC and change the users who required a named license to be a named user in the user's properties.  You can only add as many named users as you have purchased licenses for.  These users will always be able to log in, regardless of the number of concurrent users who are logged in.

For concurrent licenses, you can add however many users to the system as you want, but only have as many actively logged in as you have concurrent licenses for.