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Centralized I18N repository

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When developing a number of related UI5 applications, it may be beneficial to use a centralized I18N repository, rather than copying the json files into each UI5 project.

Are there any best practices how to do this? (Extension, common location of the i18n files outside the individual app structures, even implementation as an OData service to the backend and storing the labels in the DB?)

Thank you


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Hi Patrick,

i'm sorry i do not come up with a best practice because i am also looking for it 🙂

I consider the same options as the best options as you do. Either a centralized i18n repository included in every UI5 app as an subrepo. So a recursive pull would also pull the subrepo and fetch new changes so they will be available in the actual UI5 app or your mentioned OData service as a centralized i18n provider.

Would appreciate if anybody could share their solutions to solve this "problem".

Regards, Nils