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Central Fiori FES for Hana and NON hana backend

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Is it possible to have a common central fiori front end server for hana(S4 Hana (1610, 1511, ERP on Hana) and Non Hana (ECC) systems.

If yes,

1. The fiori front end server should be on Hana or normal ABAP Stack server with NW Gateway. In case we have the hana server for fiori front end, then can we install frontend components required for apps in Non hana systems and vice versa.

2. In case we have our fiori FES as normal ABAP server with NW gateway, then can we install the frontend components required for hana based apps.

For analytical apps anyway we could consume odata services directly from hana server using web dispatcher (correct me if i am wrong), however for non analytical apps how do we manage in case we have a non hana fiori frontend server.

Thank you.



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