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CE 7.30: Editing of context data doesn't work

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Hi there,

I just now found out [in the documentation|], that there's a way to manipulate context data for suspended Processes.

In my opinion that's a very importing functionality!

I did as described in the documentation (assign action SAP_BPM_EDIT_CONTEXT to my user's role).

Now I can see the edit button for a suspended process instance, but if I click on it, nothing happens there.

If I click on "Download" it's the same (a popup comes up and disappears again).

What can be the reason for that?

I tried with IE 8 and Firefox 7.

Thanks in advance!

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Pop-up blocker activated? Try clicking while holding down your Ctrl key or disable the pop-up blocker. Just a quick idea.

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Hi Benjamin,

You were right: Although Pop-up blocker was deactivated for this site, I had to press CTRL when clicking on 'Download' (and even when clicking on 'Save' in the dialog!) to get the possibility to save context data.

I changed the context and uploaded it again. That went fine.

But it's not possible for me to change the context online. If I click on 'edit' all the fields in the context remain read-only.

Anyway I'm happy that it works for me using the Download-Upload thing...