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CDS BOPF Draft- Error while cancel Draft from Fiori


Hi All,

I created CDS with BOPF Draft option allowing only the update for my scenario. Updates are happenning using the BOPF class. Unfortunately i’m getting an error when i try to cancel the draft data. Im getting the responce in odata saying “Deleting operations are disabled for entity ‘<entity_name>”. Do we really need to enable the delete opration inorder to cancel/Delete the draft? Or is there any method i need to redefine to perform this?

Thank You

Jono Thomas

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Jono,

this issue exists in SAP_BASIS releases prior to 7.54 (I think). In later releases, drafts can always be deleted. Up to 7.54 you practically can only forbid the delete operation dynamically, using the property determination. In the determination you can disable the delete property specifically for active instances.

Kind Regards,


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Hi Ivo,

Thank you for the information. We are currently using the version 7.53. I recevied a info from our basis team that they are upgrading the system soon. Anyways dynamic property determination looks working.



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