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CDATA - XSLT mappping - Encoding problem

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Hi folks,

I have a ABAP proxy to webservice scenario...

I am sending out data from ECC to a external web service...

The requirement here is the external web service input message has only two input fields and in the first field it accepts the transaction data( Say material or customer or orders ect) and in the second field it accepts login aunthetication information which is generally fixed..


<![CDATA[ mat1......mat2.....mat3....matn]]>



<![CDATA[ login infomration ]]>


The requirement here is all the data records are bundled into and put into <objectDataXml> tag with in CDATA..

same to do with <UserContextXml> as shown above..

In my operation mapping am using message mapping to map material records to the target structure and then using XSLT map to put all the data in to CDATA and send it into the <ObjectsDataXml> tag...

Although the mapping working fine but the message output is having encoded values by the time message reaches adapter message content and external web service request..

I have tested the same in TCP gateway tool and i find two issues

1) The out is encoded for opeing and closing tags between CDATA and

2) CDATA is completely ignored....

Please find the link to have a look at the data after mapping and adapter call below

Output after Message mapping before calling the adapter:-

Output in the TCP gate way tool or external receiver:-

Please guide me with this.



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I recommend to change the web service. This is such a nonsense to use cdata section in a web service.

I do not understand and do not have any comprehensin for people who think that they can ignore any rule for creating web service.

The best proof of imcompetence is the use of namespace "" .

Sorry for being rude. I see a lot of questions here in SDN from people in PI who try to solve the issues which are made from sender or receiver systems.

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Hi Stefan

I totally agree and understand but being on the integration side I do not have control over the external partners application...I was just trying to explore if I can achieve the same with the available options/resources...

Anyways thanks for you inputs .