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CCMS Monitoring of Java Engine

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Hi Guys and Girls,

I have configured a central system for CCMS monitoring.

I am able to see the paramters for abap part.

I have uploaded a J2ee scenario and it is running in GRMG Tcode. I have also activated ccms service in SICF.

But i am unable to see my java server nodes in RZ20 -> j2ee template monitor set.

The j2ee template looks like this.


-> <SID>


-> J2EE Engine

-> J2EE Applications

-> J2EE Logfiles

+-> CCMS Selfmonitoring

+ ->Operating System

I can see parameter details for CCMS Selfmonitoring and Operating System.

But J2EE Engine, Applications and Logfiles and just there with no sub nodes.

am i missing some setting. Request your help on this.

Thanks and Regards,


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Answers (4)

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Check out



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Hi Pradeep,

thank you for the detailed insight into the CCMSPING. I have enabled the GRMG to monitor the availability of the java systems.

So i am good with the availability monitoring.

I have another problem now. I have 2 java instances running in same server box. i registrered both with sapccmsr to my CEN - solution manager system. But i am unable to see the j2ee engine monitor details for one of the java EP systems.

I have restarted and done eveything. The CCMS customizing destination is fine. The System is listed in the system groups j2ee engine and also available in topology.

But ther eis one difference. unlike the 2nd java system which has responsible server as Solution mangaer system, the faulty system shows REMOTE SYSTEM as the responisble server. Also i am unable to oble the agent directory.

It shows CCMS_SHOW_LOGIC_DIR_LIST not found on host. And also says that the ccmsagent version is old.

But i have installed only the latest ccms agent version in the system.

Please help as only this java isntance is not showing up on the j2ee monitor template. i can see the SID as a virtual node but no subtree iwth java metrics.



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Hi Raghavan,

Were you able to resolve the problem that you were facing.

I have a similar problem and i have reregistered my CCMS Agent and still no luck.

It tells me the agent is outdated.But its not.

Your response would be helpful.


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Once you have done central system setup you have to register the ccms agent in visual admin.

Once you register you will find the alerts in rz20 wait for few minutes.It takes some time to fetch the monitoring data.



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Hi Raghavan,

Can you please check the note 1065754 as this can cause similar problems to what you have. Can you also check the following

CCMSPING is able to monitor if a system is accessible and if the instances are up and running (ABAP and JAVA instances)

GRMG is able to monitor if a HTTP application is up and running.

You have to install the SAPCCMSR agent to view the J2EE monitor information via the RZ20 transaction in the ABAP system

You have to install SAPCCM4X agents, to improve the CCMS monitor concept or for additional monitor functionality like using central auto-reaction methods or log file monitoring.

The J2EE availability didn't work because the old CCMSPING functionality was still used. All the systems in the availability configuration in the transaction RZ21 may be using the RFC destination "CCMS_SYSTEM_PING_

Can you change this to the new agent.

And after this please re-initialized the whole availability structure by executing the function module

SCSM_AVAILABILITY_STARTUP_METH one time manually in the transaction SE37 and activate the new CCMSPING technology in your system.

First of all I think the problem is related to the availability and you don't need the sapccm4x agent or sapccmsr to have the availability alerts in RZ20. If you want to extend this functionality, let's say

you want to get email alerts whenever one of your system is down you should install the sapccm4x agent for ABAP or sapccmsr for non-ABAP.

We have to focus only on ccmsping at this stage.

The ccmsping program (agent) only exists as Non-Unicode version and is able to work with Unicode and Non-Unicode instances.After registering the ccmsping agent it is necessary to restart the instance (or at least to reset the monitoring segment into warmup status) so the startup method for availability monitoring is able to

determine if there is an agent running registered with push option or not, because in this case other function modules have to be used.

Once check whether ccmsping is working fine?

If you get the error message when you check ccmsping like Message No. RA100

This message means 'Neither instance nor logon groups found' and it means that the ccmsping registration wasn't successfull.

its better to register with the newest version of ccmsping as per note 1013331 CCMS agents and kernel: Patches 2007

Also PLease review the Note 1065754

I hope the above helps you.

Thanks & Regards,

Pradeep Srigiri