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CCMS AutoReaction e-mail

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Auto-Reaction E-mail is not working:

I have set ccms_Onalert_email with the following parameter

Parameter name Parameter value

SENDER userid from client 000

RECIPIENT my company e-mail Id.


for the below MTE:

Properties of DEV\r3dev_DEV_00\...\Background\Aborted

MTE class R3BPServerSpecAbortedJobs

when I check in CCMS Selfmonitoring it shows:

Node name (MTE) DEV\MoniInfra_r3dev_DEV_00\...\DataSupplier\Log

System DEV

Context MoniInfra_r3dev_DEV_00

Object name DataSupplier

Short name Log


Alert text Document <CCMS alerts DEV 20050808 041658> could not be sent

Line-Id in Message Container 0000000243 0001149437 1123489018

VAR 1 CCMS alerts DEV 20050808 041658

VAR 2 CCMS alerts DEV 20050808 041658

VAR 3 CCMS alerts DEV 20050808 041658

VAR 4 CCMS alerts DEV 20050808 041658

I also tried creating seperate MTE and added

Properties of DEV\r3dev_DEV_00\...\R3Abap\Shortdump

MTE class R3AbapShortdumps

With Auto-Reaction Methor has ccms_Onalert_email with the above parameter.

But the e-mails are not triggered.

I checked ccms_selfmonitoring and found below error message:

Node name (MTE) DEV\MoniInfra_r3dev_DEV_00\...\Tooldispatching (short running tasks)\Messages

Context MoniInfra_r3dev_DEV_00 Object name Tooldispatching (short running tasks) Alert text Unable to set runtime status for data collection method (RC = 253), MTE: DEV\r3dev_DEV_00\...\R3Abap\Shortdumps

Line-Id in Message Container 0000000222 0001068279 1122993022

Also send_internet_mail Job is running every 10mins.

Please provide solutions for this.

Thanks in Advance.


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Answers (1)

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Was this working before and now stopped or is this your first attempts at getting it working?