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CCMs alerting if MAXDB Backup fails

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I want to see an red alert in CCMS (rz20, Method SDB_health_verify_rc_smcl_<SID>, ..Last Check Return Code) if the last return code of the backup is unequal 0. Does anyone have an idea how to custmize rz20 to do this ?

If I put the MTE default settings for monitoring the backup result, ( SDB_health_verify_rc_smcl_<SID>) I will get masses of errors during the backup is running, because than the return code is "9999 Running", which is unequal 0, but I'm only intressed in the result of the backup !

Any ideas ?



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Hello Wolfgang,

if you are SAP customer, please review the SAP note 908722.

Please check what SAP Basis Support Package do you have on your system?

SAP note 908722 will change the alert for a running database structure check or a running backup < "9999 Running" > from RED (which was incorrect) to YELLOW. Check data and backup are critical actions in the system while they are running e.g. CHECK DATA sets locks on the table. Therefore both actions when they are active will be marked as yellow. When they has been finished correctly the alert will be green.

The SAP Alert Monitoring that we use to Monitor MaxDB operation does not offer a filter for specific return codes. Its is, however, possible to not raise an e-mail for YELLOW alerts while still raising an e-mail for RED alerts. If you would like to do this => add the parameter REACT_ON_ALERTS with the value RED to your auto-reaction methods.

This is documented in SAP note 671780.

If you're an SAP customer & have further questions/problems on this issue, could you please open the OSS message to the component BC-DB-SDB-CCM.

Please review the Rules of Engagement at

Thank you and best regards, Natalia Khlopina