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CCLM and ChaRM

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Hello...we have run our analysis with CCLM and would like to Delete some recommendations. When we click on the 'Delete' button, CCLM is asking for a target and description. We have a full ChaRM implemenation, is there special configuarion to integrate ChaRM with CCLM? I would expect it to ask for a Change Document number.

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Hi Matthew

Specific integration was being build upon customer request in CCLM in SolMan 7.1 SP10 but I'm not sure what the current status is. This was mentioned in a CCLM 7.1 SP10 guide so it's public information.

So if that's not there yet you should create a change document ahead of time, create a transport request in CHARM and then use that transport request as target request for CCLM.

Best regards


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