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CATT's and Solution Manager 3.2

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Hi, i'm implementing SAP ECC 5.0 with SolManager 3,2.

In the SOLAR02 transaction, in the "test case" tab of a process step, i want to assign a Test Case of type "CATT";

Is it possible to assign a CATT already created in the Solution manager instance? I mean, i dont want to assign or create a CATT from another system.

Thanks in advance!

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Answers (2)

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Thank you all of you for your help.

Yes, it works as designed. No CATT's could be assigned centrally, only Manual test configurations and eCATT test configurations.

So, i went with eCATT's and i'm very pleased with the result, a great improvement over std CATT's

Best Regards,

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Yes, this is possible.

In the "Central Objects" tab of your project settings, ensure that the Solution Manager instance is set as the location for CATTs.



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Thank You Jonathan!

I already tried that, but the only objects i could set centrally for saving in the SolManager system are:

1. eCATT test configuration

2. Manual test cases

I could not assign standard CATT's to be saved centrally in the SolManager.

I do not know if this is a std feature (and CATT's could not be assigned to be saved centrally) or if i'm doing something wrong. Any help is most welcomed.

Thanks for your help.


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Hello Diego,

during the Test-Days at DSAG a SAP lecturer told that eCATT was the (completly? rewritten?) successor of the old 4.6C based CATT.

May be it works as designed and you should search not for a simple relocation but for a migration of CATT (local on satellite system) to eCATT on SolMan system.