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Carriage returns in selection formula are causing errors

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I have an application which uses the BOE XI R2 web services sdk to schedule a report. my client recently upgraded from BOE 12.0 to 12.4 and now their reports are failing due to the following error:

Error in File ~tmpb3c6fb4ac4f2c0.rpt: Error in formula Record_Selection: '{MID_MEM_IDENTIFIER.MID_MIT_CODE} = "SP-SSN" and §d; {TAU_TREATMENT_AUTHORIZATION.TAU_UID} = {?TAU_UID} and §d; {TST_TCM_STATUS_HISTORY.TST_AST_CODE} in ["A4", "A4AUTO"];' A number, currency amount, boolean, date, time, date-time, or string is expected here. Details: errorKind

the actual formula in the report looks like this:




It appears that the carriage returns inserted in the formula during design time are being evaluated correct as "§d;" and then failing. My code does examine or process the selection formulas or any formulas of the report. I have told my clients to remove the carriage returns from all the formulas in all their reports but this is not a desirable workaround because they have 400(+) reports.

Any ideas on how I can resolve this?



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Can you clarify by upgrading 12.0 to 12.4 you mean the BOIE servers updated from XI 3.0 to XI 3.1 SP4, is that correct?

also the Web services consumer SDK, is it still using the XI R2 SDK? It should be fine in legacy mode, but try upgrading your consumer app to use XI 3.1 SP4 SDK, same as yoiur provider and BOE server.

As you upgrade from XI R2 - 3.1 WS Consumer SDK has changed a little, especially all object instantation is different.