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Capturing Issues/Risks/Decisions within CALM

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Is there any way to capture Issues/Risks/Decisions within SAP Cloud ALM for Implementations?

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Currently SAP Cloud ALM does not include specific features for risk management and decision tracking. 

You may be able to leverage the existing Task Management functionality to establish the decision making required for identified risks, and document them there as a workaround. 
However this will not have any rich risk management functionality associated with it, and may complicate the overall process. 

Risk management/decision tracking could be proposed as a feature request/improvement in the SAP Cloud ALM for Implementation SAP Customer Influence program. Please check if this request already exists in that platform and vote on it if a request exists. If one does not exist, please feel free to create the request to highlight to our Developers that you have interest in this feature.