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CAP authentication

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Hello all,

I've tried developping a CAP Node.js application and deployed to CF. But once I try to access my srv from outside (for example Postman) or with my ADFS user, it gives me 401 error.

How do I have to authenticate in order to not getting 401 error? If I do a POST to authentication URL, I have a 200 but no token, just a HTML and I don't really know how to retrieve my token.

Could you help me, please?

Best regards.

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Assuming you have bound your application to XSUAA, The Token URL for XSUAA (OAuth 2.0 service in CF) is <THE URL OBTAINED FROM THE BINDING OBJECT "URL" FIELD>/oauth/token

see: BTP Documentation | Getting an Application Access Token and XSUAA Documentation | Retrieve Credentials for Remote Applications 

Follow Capire | Using XSUAA-Based Authentication for adding XSUAA to your application.

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Hello Dinu, it works for me! I was wondering how to retrieve Bearer token and now I'm able to consume services deployed on CF. Thank you very much!