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Cant see my Configuration and Activities list in DeveConfPers

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Hi SCN Team,

I opened NWDS and switched to Development Configuration Perspective.

I imported the configuration into NWDS and created the Project

I created an Activity as well.

Now When i went to check-in the activity it is not showing up in the open Activities List.

Now i closed my NWDS and re-opened again

Now i dont see my Configuration under InActive DCs as well.

Not knowing why this strange behavior. Can anyone let me know where exactly the issue could be

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the nwds is newly installed? did it work before?

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Yes it used to work previously and now it is not working.

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Hi Sankar,

If you configure the new NWDS and get the code from DI and create a project. Now make a change against an activity. Does this activity is visible?

You can get the list of your changed files from DI and then you can search those files in NWDS and right click on the file and select DTR and go to history and compare the version and take the changed code and do the same if you have other files.

After taking the backup of you changed code then delete this invisible activity from DI and also delete the project and get the code from DI again and make the changes.