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Cannot publish product - no link to API Business Hub Enterprise

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I'm currently in the journey "Developing with SAP Integration Suite", unit 3 "Managing APIs", "Creating a Product". Here I'm supposed to go to the API Business Hub Enterprise (screenshot from journey):


But I don't have a link to it in my Integration Suite:


I'm using a BTP trial account, link to my Integration Suite is

All available Role Collections are assigned to my user in the BTP subaccount:

  • AuthGroup.API.ApplicationDeveloper
  • trial-content-developer
  • trial-content-administrator
  • PIMAS_IntegrationAnalyst
  • PIMAS_Administrator
  • PI_Read_Only
  • PI_Integration_Developer
  • PI_Business_Expert
  • PI_Administrator
  • OpenConnectors_User
  • INTAS_ViewOnly
  • INTAS_IntegrationArchitect
  • INTAS_EnterpriseArchitect
  • INTAS_BusinessDomainExpert
  • INTAS_Administrator
  • AuthGroup.Site.Admin
  • AuthGroup.SelfService.Admin
  • AuthGroup.ContentAuthor
  • AuthGroup.Content.Admin
  • AuthGroup.APIPortalRegistration
  • AuthGroup.API.Admin
  • APIPortal.Service.CatalogIntegration
  • APIPortal.Guest
  • APIPortal.Administrator
  • APIManagement.SelfService.Administrator
  • Integration_Provisioner
  • Subaccount Viewer
  • Subaccount Service Administrator
  • Destination Administrator
  • Connectivity and Destination Administrator
  • Business_Application_Studio_Administrator
  • Business_Application_Studio_Developer
  • Business_Application_Studio_Extension_Deployer
  • Cloud Connector Administrator
  • Subaccount Administrator

Capabilities in the Integration Suite are activated:


I have clicked on Settings -> APIs in the Integration Suite:


After a while I was logged out.

When I follow the journey, create a product according to the excercise und click on "Publish", I get an error message: "There is no API Business Hub Enterprise associated with the apiportal yet".


How do I get this association? I've double checked all previous steps from the journey but I can't find anything missing. Browser was restarted a few times.

Thanks for your help!

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi @crathke 
I reached out to our SAP expert to support here. Please expect a delay the response.
Kind regards


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Have you resolved this? Having the same issue.
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Nevermind, found it. There is a (new?) app in the launchpad, may need to add it to your Launchpad from the catalogue. Its in "SAP Engagement and Service Delivery" area.