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Cannot login with default user in EP 5.0

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I currently using the EP 5 SP 5 portal. I created a new configuration to login to the portal. But i am not able to login using the new configuration. Strangely the Default configuration is also not being authenticated now. So I deleted the Default configuration registry key and restored it using the PasswordRestore.exe application. I am still not able to login with the Default Configuration.

I have tried restarting the IIS Server, J2EE Engine and the machine itself all in vain.

Could anyone suggest what i may be missing out?

Thanks in advance.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Priya

Did u mean u deleted the Default configuration under Configurations ??

The PasswordRestore.exe is only to change the NT admin user/pwd on which EP runs not recreate the Default config. (checked again can recreate it ..sorry)

What do you see in the Default configuration ?

Do u see keys like Super Admin User, Super Admin Password under the Default configuration?

What is the hashcode of the Super Admin password ?

What is the key for SAPPortal under Projects

This could be the solution to your problem.

After you deleted the Default configuration and restored it back from the exe the NT User will be blank , use the exe again but use the change option , supply the NT user and password on which the account runs. Make sure the Portal is running on default config by checking the key value for SAPPortal



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Hi Pran,

Thank you for the suggestion.

I have tried both renaming as well as deleting the Default configuration from the registry. I have tried the Change option too in the exe; giving the NT User and Password details.

The following are the Keys as seen under the Default Configuration:

Super Admin User: admin

Super Admin Password: nw9xRAHgxvY=

The SAPPortal key under Projects had a value Local:rudhras where rudhras was the new Configuration that I had created in the Portal. I reset the value of this key (first tried with no value and with the value as 'Default'). Now the Portal page itself is not getting loaded.

Is 'Default' the default value for the SAPPortal Project key?

Could you please suggest what could be done further.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Priya,

Im currently working on EP6 SP9 and have never worked on EP5 but still have a doc which might help solve ur problem.

You may try this:

Crack the Password lock for EP 5.0 (Resetting the Default password for User admin)

1] start> run > Go to regedit

2] HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > SapPortals > User Management > Configurations

3] Delete the keys generated under this tab (at least default key)

4] Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE>SapPortals > User Management > Projects

5] Change the value of key "SAPPortal" from "Local:new configutation name" to "Default"

6] Close regedit prompt.

7] Go to C:\Enterprise Portal\tools

8] Run "PasswordRestore" Give local administrator user name & password

9] Click on "Restore Default configuration"

10] Go to services (administrator) (Start Menu\Programs\Administrative Tools\services)

11] Restart 1] IIS Admin Service & 2] SAP J2EE Engine Alone services.

12] Now log in to portal with admin as user name & admin as password

If the above doesn't work try creating a local user with User name admin & password as admin. Give local system administration rights to this User. & Repeat all the above steps.


Please do let me know if this was helpful.

All the best.

Warm Regards,

Ritu R Hunjan

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Hi Ritu,

Thank You for the suggestion.

But I have already gone through those documents and made the corresponding changes.

Seems like nothing of it is working out.

Still trying to find out a solution.

Will keep you posted on any kind of progress .