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cannot login to isql with sapsa user

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Hi all,

       we have done system copy with a diff SID,

       the system is up and running fine.

      even from DBACOCKPIT  ever thing is running fine. I can schedule backup, monitor the system, there is no problem.

      but i am unable to login with isql. it says "login failed".

      had tried with sapsa, sa, sapsso, but unable to login.

      how do i reset the password or recover the old password.


thanks and regards

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Mr Rishh

If ASE configuration paramater 'net password encryption reqd' has been set to 1 in ASE cif, you have to call isql providing the '-X' option (captial X)

Otherwise connection fails


Tilman Model-Bosch

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi all,

        thanks for the response.

       actually the password was correct. i had tested from DBACOCKPIT by creating a new connection.

       the test was successful with the old password.

      so I tried to login with "isql -Usapsa -X -SSID ". which worked fine.

      then I had check the "net password encryption reqd" value was 1. changed to 0.

      now i can login without "-X".

    but still i would like to know, after system copy why the system was not allowing, which is allowed

    in the original system.

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Hi thomus,

You've completed the post activities after system copy? can you log in using SAPGUI?

may I have your full message when you try?

if you want to reset those password, you have to change sa password first.

below is the steps. if sa login was locked, it's not work.

1. put a line into RUN_SID (-psa)



# ASE page size (KB):   16k

# Master device path:   /sybase/BAK/sybsystem/master.dat

# Error log path:       /sybase/BAK/ASE-15_0/install/BAK.log

# Configuration file path:      /sybase/BAK/ASE-15_0/BAK.cfg

# Directory for shared memory files:    /sybase/BAK/ASE-15_0

# Adaptive Server name: BAK


/sybase/BAK/ASE-15_0/bin/dataserver \

-d/sybase/BAK/sybsystem/master.dat \

-e/sybase/BAK/ASE-15_0/install/BAK.log \

-c/sybase/BAK/ASE-15_0/BAK.cfg \

-M/sybase/BAK/ASE-15_0 \

-sBAK \

-psa                                                                       <-------

2. restart ASE

    sa password re-generated & display on the start screen as below.

    New SSO password for sa:kujgtzawqjkhf9

3. change sa password what you want

#isql -Usa -Pkujgtzawqjkhf9 -SBAK

1> sp_password kujgtzawqjkhf9,Rokmc178,sa

2> go

Password correctly set.

(return status = 0)

4. reset your sapsa and sapsso using sp_password or alter login or sybase central and so on.