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Cannot kill process in send sleep more ASE 15.7

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Trying to kill spid in send sleep mode, the kill semm to do nothing, the spid is doing select on a big table. ASE version 15.7 SP52. Is there a way without having to reboot ASE ?

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Answers (2)

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ASE's KILL command doesn't do much itself, it just sets a bit (named "PKILLYOURSELF") in the spid's PSS structure.
The spid will check the state of this bit when it wakes up, and if it finds the bit set will then proceed with cleaning itself up.
However, if the event the spid is sleeping on never occurs, it doesn't wake up and check the bit and just keeps sleeping.
And in that case, there isn't much you can do but reboot.

ASE 16 introduced a stronger "kill with force" option that is more effective on sleeping processes, but you'd have to upgrade.


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Use with caution

One observation I can share about "kill <spid> with force". --- we are at ASE 16 SP02 PL05

It results in a stack trace. And in one case we could load a development database when this command was used to terminate a long running query. Server reboot was needed to clear up the scene.



Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hello Yves,

Please be aware that ASE 15.7 has an end of life date in 2020. You should consider to upgrade to ASE 16.0 soon.

Best regards, Matthias