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Cannot Generate Report in Web Intelligence Rich Client

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I am unable to create a report in the Web Intelligence Rich Client. The report area is a complete gray box and cannot drag and drop values into the page. I have also tried to create a new blank document and still unable to see anything. I uninstalled and reinstalled client tools as I was having a .jar file missing issue and that is still not fixing the issue.

I would post a screenshot but I don't think I am able to, it essentially shows the Available Objects in the left pane and the right pane is completely gray with no white document which would regularly appear for users.

Any help would be appreciated!


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Thank you for your question

I updated the main tag to Web Intelligence

Please share version (e.g. BI4.2, SP7...) -- recommend that you update your question with this information so the community may better assist

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what was the jar file issue ?

Are you having this issue while logged into BI platform or not ?
Have this ever worked before ?
What version of client tools you have and and what version of BI platform ?

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Try creating the report with Administrator user. Is the BO server version and client tools of same version ?