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Cannot create relationship between 2 BAPI based MBO

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I have 2 MBO-s based on 2 BAPI (FM) data sources. Both accept BP Number as a parameter. I want to create a relationship between them. However when I try (map the BP Number parameters) I get the following error:

"Relationship has two mobile business objects with independent definition in the online cache group, which is not allowed".

Both MBO belong to the same online cache group.

I find the message a bit cryptic. Does anyone knows what it means? Any ideas how to solve the issue?

Thank you!

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Answers (2)

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Hi Tzanko,

Maybe in online as cache group policies, relationship is not available.

1) change cache group policies other than online, such as DCN, OnDemand or Scheduled

2) or use no relationship but load parameter, in this case you give the same parameter to Two mbo.

I tried the following condition and got the same phenomenon.

SUP 2.0.1

MBO JDBC Customer-Sales_order (whichi is sampledb)

Customer-Sales_order (one to many relation)


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You can make relationship between MBO, only if output filed of 1st MBO is input of 2nd MBO.

Like 1st MBO has BP no. as output....and second MBO has BP no. as input parameter....

please explain further if this doesn't work....

Thanks & Regards