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Cannot connect to Microsoft SQL Server 2014 - 12.0.2269.0 (X64) using jdbc Receiver Channel adapter.

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Hi PI Experts,

Am been facing issue which SAP PI 7.4 JDBC Reciver Channel in not able to establish the connection to MS SQL Server 2014 which is on AWS.

We have deployed sqljdbc4.jar in PI Server and the configuration maintained in the channel as below.

JDBC Driver: ""

Connection: "jdbc:sqlserver://Sqlserver:1433;databaseName=db_name"

Initially there were some firewall is blocking the connection and Network team have opened the same.

Error Log as shown in Channel Log:

Message processing failed. Cause: Error when attempting to get processing resources: Unable to create new pooled resource: DriverManagerException: Cannot establish connection with the registered driver. returns: Login failed for user 'SAP_PI'..

: Login failed for user 'SAP_PI'.

Please advise on the same, whether any user or connection specific settings need to be configured..?

Or do we need to upgrade our JDBC driver installed in PI.

Please suggest.



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Answers (2)

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Hello Chaitanya,

PI 7.4 is compatible with Java 6. So firstly, you need to contact your DB vendor MSSQL server to download correct JDBC jar file which is compatible with Java 6. See 1615198 - PI JDBC and JMS Adapter driver's JRE compatibility

After that, make sure this external JDBC jar file deployed on PO system correctly.

See 1829286 - Checking the drivers installed for the JMS and JDBC Adapters and 2513069 - How to deploy the external drivers for Axis/JDBC/JMS Adapter - Guided Answers

Best Regards, Faison

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Hi Chaitanya,

I would suggest to check the reported user from the error message.
Check that it is not locked and the credentials are correct.


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Hello Barna,

The user details are correct. I have checked with third party system they confirmed that details are correct. They can able to login at there side.

but PI throwing this above error in channel communication.