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Can you run webservices using IIS if so how please!!! Thank you.

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I am trying to pull in the AD user / login name to a crystal report which I can do except my company only uses crystal reports viewer 2013 for all users to access reports which does not refresh so I can not use that to limit the report unless I can connect through a server connection to the CR BOXI R2 server CMS / repository to use those functions.  However I can not get the connection set up  because I keep getting errors about the web service server context not being correct.  I have installed many times but did not install or configure this server.   It looks like they have installed the .net sdk and are using IIS.  I normally use tomcat?  I need to get this done I have been troubleshooting and working on this for a while and I am drawing to the deadline.  Am I out of luck?  Thank you for anything you can share.


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I don't have an XI r2 system available that I can look at but, if I recall correctly, the web services were NOT installed with the .NET version of the websites on IIS - they were only installed with the Java/Tomcat version of the websites.  The .NET/IIS websites were missing a number of the features that the Java/Tomcat websites had.

I believe the .NET version did have OpenDocument, though, so you could use OpenDocument calls to view/refresh reports.  However, I don't know where the documentation for that version might be found - it looks like they've finally taken down the old XI r2 documentation site (or at least I can't connect to it right now....) at

You would use the regular .NET SDK to connect to the server to get the session - I have examples available on my website at  Be aware, though, that the XI r2 SDK only works with VS 2005 - it will NOT work with anything newer than that.  You could also use the regular (non-web service) Java SDK which would only be limited by the version of the Java Runtime you have - I don't think it works with anything newer than Java 1.4 or 1.5, but I'm not absolutely certain.


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