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Can you convert an Enable Now Web Recording into Mp4

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Hi, is it possible (I can't see a way) to convert a Screen/Video recording (the one you do via Manager) into an MP4? I can only see a way of sharing via a published link so wanted to know if any way to export into another format?



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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi David,

Yes, you can generate an MP4 video for your Simulation.  To do this:

1. Open the Simulation in Producer
2. Select Tools > Generate Video
3. Specify the settings that you want to use for the generated video.  I have found that some authors are experiencing issues generating videos recently but the following set of settings works
4. Click Generate Video

Generate video.png


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Hi Shane, thank you for those details, however its not the simulation I want to generate the MP4 its the relatively new feature of recording a video (via Manager) that you can include audio and an in screen web cam of yourself on the recording. I have asked before so I know you can't edit these in Enable Now but is there any way to convert these to MP4? Thanks