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Can Web-Dynpro ABAP handle deep structures in a good performance ?

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I have defined a deep structure in the data dictionary with a table in

it. I want to send this to the frontend, which is called by RFCs and is

written in JAVA or ABAP Web-dynpro. Now the question comes up, whether

the deep structure can be interpreted by the frontend or not and is it

a problem of performance to send sutch a structure.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Reiner,

what is being called ?

Which rfc Library is it using ?

It should be a recent RFC library. If so complex structures are supported.

When using complex import and exporting structures instead of table statements,

the TABLE compression and delta table content handling isnt used.

But it can still perform ok. It just may not be using optimal compression.

Complex structures are just sent of the network.

Performance issues depend on your network and how much data is sent.

How much data is to be sent ? ASk you netowrk admin team if it is likely to be an issue.

The rfc library should cope.

The 64 mb limitation was removed over 10 years ago. The call is now limited to the receivers ability to hold data in memory. 2 Gb for a table on 32 bit systems.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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see the programming <a href="">notes</a> on information on performance issues.

Regards, Heidi

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Hi Reiner Koerver ,

May I know what exactly you mean by deep Structure .Kindly Elaborate the exact requirement.