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Can we use Large Object (LOB) in Abstract entity popup in SAP RAP BO?

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Hi Experts,

I'm trying my luck in creating a RAP Application that will create new records in a database table when an Excel file is uploaded from the UI Screen.

To achieve this, I have created an abstract entity as below with LoB semantics,

This abstract entity is used as an Action in the BDEF of my root entity BO referencing the database table where the data needs to be updated as below,

Clicking on this action button in the UI a popup opens up to enter the input values for attachment, but here the attachment field is not being considered as a large object, not able to upload a file.

andre.fischer koradaramjee789, Need your expertise and help at this point to understand if abstract action allows LoB or not.

Thank you.


Ramnath Vivek

Active Contributor

Hi Vivek,

As per my knowledge, it is not currently supported.

In create/update scenarios, RAP framework tries to into insert the attachment raw string into database table ( Active/Draft ) . But in case of abstract entities, framework does not know what to do with it.

There is no clear roadmap for attachments in RAP yet.

See below blogpost, if it helps as a workaround.

Simplifying Excel Upload in Fiori Elements: The Open Source and Easy-to-Use UI5 Custom Control



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Hi Ramjee,

I have similar requirement to this, where I need an upload option in list report which is not supported in RAP at the moment. The same way as Ramnath has explained the attachment button is not visible. But the link provided to use UI5 custom control supports only CAP. As mentioned in the documentation Supported Versions. Also I was not able to achieve the same when I tried for a RAP application. It states error in manifest.json file and couldn't install UI5 exceluploader nor UI5 Spreasheetimported. Do you have any other solution for it? Kindly suggest and please correct if understanding is wrong.

Thanks & Regards,

Archana A

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haha, I am exactly doing the same thing, unfortunately, it doesn't work...
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No, you cannot upload attachment in abstract entity. The attachment field must belong to a persistent table. Check this out - Upload Excel using SAP RAP Only - SAP Community.