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can we use bdc in WDA?

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can we use bdc in WDA? if yes please tell me how to do?

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Dear Murthy Ganti ,

yes it is possible by creating the Functional module for your BDC recording . i.e you will get the code generated by the BDC recording . create a FM using the Code .

for example the below code is your recoding code

Assign your import parameters to your code

wa_iq02-MATNR      =  MATNR.
wa_iq02-SERNR      =  SERNR.
wa_iq02-GWLDT_O    =  GWLDT_O.

append wa_iq02 to itab_iq02.
clear wa_iq02.
LOOP AT itab_iq02 INTO wa_iq02.
 PERFORM bdc_dynpro      USING 'SAPMIEQ0' '1000'.
    PERFORM bdc_field       USING 'BDC_CURSOR'
    PERFORM bdc_field       USING 'BDC_OKCODE'
    PERFORM bdc_field       USING 'RISA0-MATNR'  
                                  wa_iq02-matnr.                      " IMPORT parameters
    PERFORM bdc_field       USING 'RISA0-SERNR'
                                  wa_iq02-sernr.                        "IMPORT parameters

IF sy-subrc EQ 0 .
*      CONCATENATE 'Material No ' matnr  sernr INTO text.
      return_message-MESSAGE = 'Address was updated '.
     else .
       return_message-MESSAGE = 'Address Was Not Changed '.
    ENDIF .


and check your FM is working fine . and consume it in WDA through call function or service call

revert back if any doubt


chinnaiya P

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Dear chaitanya,

Thanks for your it the only way by generating FM like bdc method and use in WDA? or is there any way? please let me know

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Dear Murthy Ganti ,

if you put your recorded coding in side the FM it is easy for your to pass data's through variable, table etc .. if you don't want to create a FM means you have to write your coding sequentially it will lead to lot of confusion Because some INCLUDES will generate automatically you have to handle them care fully . BDC will interpret the GUI screens so some times it will lead you FATAL errors . My suggestion is better you create FM for your BDC or search for the STANDARD FM for your requirements .


chinnaiya P

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Hi Chinnaiya,

i am working on Webdynpro. I am wrtiting a BDC (Tcode: CRMD_ORDER) Code in Function Module and calling from Webdynpro application, it is giving Dump as :Exception condition "CNTL_ERROR" raised.

However when i run the Function module separately , it is Working Fine.

Any Suggestion..

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Hi Janardhan,

This error typically comes when you are doing call transactions or BDCs for enjoy transactions which involve controls. For a control to be active, system needs access to the desktop(basically the GUI environment), where the controls are created and destroyed). But if you are doing a call transaction in no-display mode or BDC in no-display mode, the system cannot create these controls and as a result this dump occurs. You have to find alternatives to the call transaction that you are doing.

check this oss notes 844207, 833845

it is related to your dump..



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to put it simple

you can't have BDC in output mode in webdynpro abap

the only BDC from webdynpro which you can have, is background operations

( mode 'N' )

and on a sidenote:

use bapi's instead of BDC

if you want the output:

Webdynpro is NOT sapgui and can not display any sapgui transactions

so either use ITS linkings (blergh)

or use a standard webdynpro component which serves as an alternative to the sapgui transaction

or create your own webdynpro app as an alternative to the sapgui transaction

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@ Srinivas- Call Transaction BDC Code on Tcode:CRMD_ORDER is not working in background in SE38, but same code working in Foreground mode= 'A'. working fine.

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i have to create a function module for bdc(xd01).

is it the same above process to do that. and what to add in tables tab,

I have created a fm in which i have append my import parameter in internal table and then passed the values to bdc field as same.but when i execute the screen comes but data does not get fill automatically.

please help me in this issue,

what should i do