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Can we exchange data between two SAP systems without XI ?

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Hi All,

I would like to know if two SAP systems can communicate with each other without XI and how ?

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definetely yes. Based on your SAP releases you may choose between IDoc / ALE, RFC calling BAPIs or BADIs or Function Modules, Proxy communication (only in Netweaver releases).



Edited by: Kai Lerch-Baier on Apr 1, 2009 10:49 AM

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What Kai Lerch told was exactly correct. In most of the cases IDOC will be using for Communicating with in the SAP Systems due to following reaons.

1) IDOC is an intermediate document between SAP systems it implies that means in order to 
              transmit the data with in SYstems we will use IDOC

2) IDOC travels using the Trfc's ports .

3) We configure these ports on R/3 which is pointing to Receiver SAP system like ( partner Profile)

which is again using this Port in to exit and enter into the receving SAP machine.

4) See if ur communicating R3 with XI via IDOC you need not use to create sender Communication

channel why because since the Integration Server is also on ABAP stack they comminicate directly

using trfc port with SAP systems...

5) But mostly RFC 's are used for Synchronous business req cases.


Amar Srinivas Eli