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Can v view Transfer Structure?

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hello all

A Datasource is Extract Structure and Transfer Structure in source system and Transfer Structure in BW system,here when this transfer structure is being generated in source system and in BW system and where can v view this Transfer Structure.

can anyone let me in this regard



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Answers (4)

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what u want to see about Transfer structure ?

if u want to see the data containt in Transfer strucure, u can see data in PSA as PSA has same sructure as of Transfer structure.

kindly assign the points if it helps.

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Hi balji,

If you have already generated the new datasource in BW.

1) Execute TC SBIW

2) Expand Postprocessing of Datasources

3) Execute Edit Datasources and Aplication Component Hierachy

4) Search for your new Datasource, 8<nameofdatatarget>

5) Select it and display it.

The next screen will show you the BW Datasource Fields and Corresponding Extract Structure.

Once you assign that DataSource to an InfoSource, then you could see inside the InfoSource on the Datasource/Trans Structure Tab the fields assigned to the <b>Transfer Structure.</b>



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At the time of activation the structure is created in source system.While activating the Trasfer structure you can see the messages in status bar, there you can see /BIC/.....

If take screen shot while appearing that and goto se16 or se11 and give the structure name i.e. /BIC/.....

you can see the structure.



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Hi Balaji,

check in SE11 or SE16 transaction,

Eg: for datasource : 2lis_02_itm

give input as : 2lis_02_itm in Data Type and search for structures, you will get all related structures.

Hope this helps.