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Can UWL integrate the Workplace INBOX?

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I'm trying to find out if UWL can integrate the Workplace Inbox.

With my configuration (EP6 NWSP13) I followed the "UWL How-to guide" and I got a list of Workitems, Tasks, Alerts and Notifications ONLY; but no signs of Inbox. And no information/documentation about backend Inbox integration.

How to integrate into UWL the messagges sent by a Business Workflow into the Workplace Inbox?

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards.

Sofia and other people waiting for an answer:

- /thread/17019 [original link is broken]

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Sofia,

Unfortunately the UWL doesn't show ordinary SAP-Mail messages. All the others are interactive objects, quite different from plain email which is what SAP Mail is.

Your options are:

  • Set up automatic forwarding SO16 -> Mail Sy. Grp -> Send to home addresses. This means all SAP Mail is forwarded to people's Outlook/Notes whatever, but you have to maintain the addresses.

  • From Workflow, don't send mail to SAP userID's, send it to their internet address. (Best option in my humble opinion)

  • Use a dummy task as a notification: A decision with only one outcome "Confirm". Since this is a work item it will appear in the UWL.



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I will try your suggestions soon in order to choose the best way.


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SAP have just release this plug-in (SONiC), it maybe worth checking out.

Look here

and here

I think you need to be on SP16 though.

Hope it helps


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