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Can the status of Deadline messages be changed from 'In Process' to 'Ready'

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We have a custom WF, wherein we have missed deadline notification for a particular step. When deadline is missed, the deadline message goes to a group of recipients.

If any one of the user displays the message, the status of the missed deadline workitem gets changed from READY to IN PROCESS and it disappears from all other users deadline message folder.

Alike dialog workitems, Is it possible to REPLACE the deadline work item or change the status from IN PROCESS to READY, so that the deadline work item comes back to other Users as well?

Any information would be much appreciated..

Thanks in Advance,


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Hello Balaji,

Thanks for your time in replying to this and sorry for my late response.

The example you have given for the leave request is for dialog workitems (Type W) where in status change from In Process to ready is possible by REPLACE. I was mentioning about deadline messages (Work item of type D).

Unlike dialog work items, the deadline messages have only 3 statuses in total. They are Ready, In Process and Completed. So, status transitions are restricted in these kinds of work items. Reserve, Replace functionality can only be possible for the Dialog work items because they have many statuses and have looped/branched status transitions.

So, I think, it is a std SAP functionality that we cannot change the deadline messages statuses from In Process to Ready.



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Hi Karthik,

This the standard of sap inbox. We can send workitem to group of people, but if any one person in that group act on the workitem, the workitem willl be reserved for that person and it gets disappers from others inbox.

Let me give an example why it is like this.

For example i am processing a leave approval workflow. workitem is sent to 3 person (HR Group) all the three person has the authorization to approve my leave.

If one person in the group acts on the leave request others should not act on the same.


If one person approves my leave and let us take that workitem is there in other inbox too. After some time of first person approves the leave the second person approves the same leave so number of days for leave for me will get reduced to two. It affects the entire business process.

I think you would have understood the reason.

For 2nd question:

Yes we can change the status of the workitem using the function module "SAP_WAPI_WORKITEM_STATUS_CHANGE (not sure with the function module kindly check it)".

But i dont think that we can change the status from "INPROCESS to READY"

Check that too.

Thanks and Regards

Balaji E.