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Can´t get Calendar working using WebDav protocol

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Hi !

We've configured km notifications using an smtp server succesfully, but now we are trying to integrate Microsoft Exchange 2000 using the WebDav protocol so to use the calendar functionality.

We carefully followed the steps in the help:

1. Publish the Custom Form provided by SAP.

2. Create and configure a WebDAV Transport.

3. Configure the Calendar Repository Manager.

But when i click in "User Details -> Show Avaibility" it shows the message:

"The user mail server does not correspond to any MS Exchange servers"

I don´t really understand what this error means and i couldn´t find any help neither in the sdn nor in the

Please help!

Best regards, Marco.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Mi Marco,

you have defined a System for User Mapping.

The User has to enter his Exchange Account Name, Password and Mail Server.

This Mail Server must be one of the mail servers you have entered in your WebDAV Transport Configuration settings.

Best Regards


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Thank you very much for your answer, you won your 10 points!

I had setted up my system as SAPLOGONTicket and not as UIDPW , because we are using SSO , so in user mapping the system didn´t appear the option of "mail server". Now i setted it up as UIDPW and i the fields you mentioned appeared in the user mapping options of personalize

But.. is this the only way? I mean, every user has to specify wich mail server is gonna use in his user mapping?? is there a way for all users to use the same mail server and avoid this configuration?

Best regards, Marco.