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Can't find resource bundle in a dynpage

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I have a par file which contains an iView. I have externalized the error messages from the iView into a properties file. The properties file is caleld When I use following code from the jsp page of the iView, I am able to find the file. I have copied the properties file in portal-inf/private/classes folder. But if I use the same code from the dynpage doInitiazation() method. I get an error saying "Can't find bundle for base name ControllerBundle". I tried copying the file to lib folder, renaming it to but it does not work. Where should I copy the properties file?

String language = "en";

LOG.debug("Language is set to " + language);

String country = "US";

LOG.debug("Country is set to " + country);

Locale currentLocale;

ResourceBundle ErrorMessages;

currentLocale = new Locale(language, country);

ErrorMessages =




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Answers (3)

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I had to put the resource bundle in a jar file & put the jar file in the lib folder. That solved the problem.

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Hi Sam,

Try to copy the resource bundle to the directory distPORTAL-INFclasses inside your project. Create the par file and upload it to the portal. It works for me.



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Have you tried it by putting the property file name usnder the component-config tag of jspdynpage component in portalapp.xml file?