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Can't fill COPA account based datasources with RSA3

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Hi All,

I created COPA account based datasource

As SAP R/3 requested , basis guys created index on COEP/COEJ tables to improve performance

I builded summization on it

But unfortunately when I tried to test datasource with RSA3 on R/3 I have he message :

message RJ012 "Errors occurred during the extraction"

The error message in RSA3 log is "No source could be found to answer the search query" , sub error "Problem class very important"

Somebody can help me on this issue ?

Thanks in advance


Sebastien Lepeltier

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The operating concern CExxxx should contain all fields of the extract

structure Zxxxxxxx

The error you have normally occurs due to missing or incorrect


check the summarization level in transaction code KEDV.

To enable reading from a summarization level, all characteristics that

are to be extracted with the DataSource must also be contained in this

level (entry * in the KEDV maintenance transaction).

In addition, the summarization level must have status 'ACTIVE'

(this applies also to the search function in the maintenance transaction

for CO-PA data sources,KEB0).

392635 - Information: Sources with BW extraction for account-based




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I am facing exactly the same issue.

i have created a summarisation level with chars '*'.

also filled them in KEDU.

but the option Summerisation level is not enabled for my account based COPA data source KEB0 transaction. could you please tell me how to enable this.???

Thank you,


Hema Tulasi Boppana

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Colin

Thanks for your quick answer

You're right , I didn't put * in all fields selected in my datasource

Points are for you


Sebastien Lepeltier