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Can't create a filter on a deep node in hierarchy in BW Query

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Hello comunity,

I'm createing a BW query in a BW/4HANA system, I want to filter by a specific node of a hierarchy, but at certain point I can't see any deeper node:

Under the CONTR_MARGIN node there are other nodes:

Does anybody has any idea on why these nodes are not available in BW query?

Thank you in advance


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Hello Antonio,

the relevant Informations from the Link above:

If more than 8 nodes levels are needed to be displayed, than this setting should be manually adapted using following steps:

  1. Open HANA Studio (BW-MT)
  2. Goto "Window"
  3. Preferences
  4. Goto Node "BW Modeling"
  5. Query Designer
  6. Maximum Number Of Levels: 8(Default Value) --> Increase this as per requirment.

Best regards